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New Carrier unit

Signs Its Time for a New AC System

Lake Zurich central air conditioning systems can last 20 years if treated well. However, not all AC systems achieve this milestone. If the unit hasn’t received annual maintenance, it will almost certainly miss the mark. How can you tell when your AC is approaching end-of-days? Here are three signs that the unit is nearing the…

woman with allergies

How to Minimize Allergies This Spring

Thanks to an unusually mild winter, warm weather and spring is well under way. While the warm weather is welcome, the jumpstarted season is bad news for anyone with springtime allergies. With high pollen and mold counts expected for months to come, minimizing allergens inside your home is essential. These proven methods can help improve…


Why Ventilation In Your Home Is Important

Homes today are tightly sealed, and Lake Zurich, IL homes are no exception. Chicago winters are bone-chillingly cold, and with heating costs at an all-time high, a tightly-sealed home is an energy-efficient home. The only problem is a lack of fresh air. Here’s how proper ventilation can keep your indoor air healthy, even during the…


Are You Overspending on Your Home?

Everyone loves saving money with coupons, sales and special offers. Most people shop around to find the best deals on groceries, insurance and big purchases. When it comes to utility bills and home maintenance, you could be doing more to lower your expenses. Analyzing Your Home’s Energy Use How can you tell if you’re overspending?…


Is Upgrading Your Furnace Worth it?

Like many other Lake Zurich area homeowners, you may be wondering whether upgrading the furnace that is essentially the heart of your HVAC system could possibly be worth the cost of the new equipment. Perhaps you’ve been cautioned against spending money to save money. Yet, when it comes to aging HVAC equipment, there are some…


Here’s Your Handy Fall Maintenance Checklist

With the winter season in the not too distant future for Chicago’s northwest suburbs, fall is the right time to perform critical home maintenance. Taking care of your home now helps ensure that everyone stays safe, warm and comfortable indoors when outdoor temperatures plunge. Use this essential checklist to make sure that you’re ready for…