Lake Zurich central air conditioning systems can last 20 years if treated well. However, not all AC systems achieve this milestone. If the unit hasn’t received annual maintenance, it will almost certainly miss the mark. How can you tell when your AC is approaching end-of-days? Here are three signs that the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan:

1. It Doesn’t Get the Job Done

If you have high indoor humidity, hot and cold spots, indoor temperatures that don’t mesh with the thermostat setting or the unit no longer delivers sufficient cool comfort, it’s probably worn out. Air conditioning systems die young if they’re not taken care of, but most systems should last 15 to 20 years with reasonable care. If your AC is in this age range but not performing like it should, it’s time to replace it.

2. It’s Costing You Money

Aging air conditioning systems become less efficient over time and need extra energy to keep your home cool and comfortable. If your electric bill is going up, your AC might have become an energy vampire.

3. It’s Always Breaking Down

If you maintain your system but it still needs frequent AC repair, it has end-of-life issues and should be replaced. It’s only a matter of time before fixing it will cost more than replacing it, and you don’t want your system to crash on a long, hot holiday weekend when there’s no time to find a good deal on a new unit.

Benefits of AC Replacement Now

Swapping out that elderly air conditioning system for a new, super-charged and energy-efficient system will benefit you in several ways. Because the new system will be more efficient, your utility bills will be lower. A new, high-performance system will provide greater indoor comfort. Finally, you can stop wondering if today is the day that your trusty air conditioner decides to call it quits.

Explore your AC installation options by scheduling a free Lake Zurich cooling system needs assessment with the experts at Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning. To learn how you can save on a new Carrier system, visit us online or call (847) 719-8442 for all the details.

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