Furnaces have long been one of the most popular choices for home heating in the Lake Zurich area, and thanks to recent advancements in technology, the latest models are more appealing than ever. In anticipation of new government regulations for energy efficiency, furnace manufacturers have introduced a broad range of features that not only save you money but provide a new level of enveloping warmth and comfort for your family too.

Condensing Furnaces: Capturing Wasted Heat

Furnace efficiency is measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), which compares a model’s heating output to its energy consumption. A furnace with an 80 AFUE, for example, means that 20 percent of the energy expended is wasted. Condensing furnaces are engineered to reduce waste by extracting heat from the water vapor in exhaust gases. Modern condensing furnaces have AFUE ratings as high as 98 percent, achieving near-total energy efficiency.

Variable Speed Fan Motors

The amount of electricity a furnace consumes also impacts its overall energy efficiency. When the model is equipped with a variable speed blower, a new furnace installation offers opportunities to lower your electrical bill as well as your fuel costs. This energy-stingy feature delivers air at a slower speed when less heat is needed. Instead of noisy blasts of hot air, you’ll enjoy a quiet, continuous delivery of gentle warmth. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), variable-speed operation can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills each year.

Optimized Comfort and Convenience

From modulating gas valves that maximize your comfort to control systems that let you alter settings from your smart phone, the latest furnace technologies make a good case for considering a new furnace installation for your Lake Zurich area home. For help exploring your options, check out our heating services section or call Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning at (847) 719-8442 today.

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