When it comes to furnaces in the Lake Zurich, IL area, the newer the better. Furnaces get more efficient every year, so the newer your furnace, the more efficient it will be. The more efficient it is, the more heat it will give you and the less that heat will cost you. Here are six good reasons to consider a new furnace installation.

Higher AFUE

AFUE means annual fuel utilization efficiency. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace will be. Furnaces today average 93.2 percent efficiency, so for every dollar you spend on energy, you’ll get a return of 93.2 percent in heat. When you consider that furnaces of ten years ago had AFUEs of 60 percent, it’s easy to see how a new furnace installation can save you some serious money.

Electronic Ignition

Furnaces today come with electronic ignitions instead of a pilot light. That increases furnace efficiency and decreases energy usage.

Variable Speed Blowers

When less heat is needed, variable-speed blowers can deliver warm air more slowly but more continuously. That reduces drafts and increases efficiency. Variable speed blowers provide more consistent airflow and greater indoor comfort than furnaces with single speed blowers.

Secondary Heat Exchangers

Secondary heat exchangers supplement the primary heat exchanger by recycling heated air from the furnace’s exhaust system.

State-Of-The-Art Air Filtration

New furnaces can be fitted with an electrostatic filter that traps airborne particles with an electrical charge. New furnaces can also be fitted with a high-efficiency particulate-arresting (HEPA) filter that traps any dust or pollution that’s blown through the heating system.

Zoned Heating Systems

With zoned heating, you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home. Each zone has its own thermostat, so you can program warmer temps in the rooms you are using without having to heat the whole house.

Additional features of contemporary furnaces include smaller flue pipes that keep heated air from escaping, sealed combustion chambers so you won’t waste energy heating air that goes up the chimney and longer manufacturers’ warranties.

To learn how a new furnace installation in your Lake Zurich, IL home can qualify you for energy-efficient rebates and incentives, or to find out when to replace your existing furnace, check out the Martin Enterprises heating page or call (847) 719-8442 to schedule a free residential furnace consultation.

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