To keep your Lake Zurich, Illinois, AC in high-performance mode this summer, there are a few important maintenance tasks you shouldn’t ignore. These best practices can keep your indoor comfort high:

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can pinpoint potential problems so you can take corrective action before breakdowns occur. Tuneups prepare your cooling system to perform like a champ during the hot summer days ahead. As an added bonus, industry studies confirm that annual HVAC maintenance can cut operating costs by up to 40 percent.

Change the Air Filter

Filters should be changed when you can’t see the filter material through the dirt. Typically, they need replacement every 30 to 90 days. Clogged filters can cause frozen evaporator coils, air flow obstructions, polluted indoor air, reduced indoor comfort and increased energy consumption.

Check the Outdoor Unit

It’s easy to forget about your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Keeping it and the surrounding area clean and free of debris will help it to function optimally. Cut back foliage by three to six feet, and remove any leaves, twigs or trash from the area to prevent air flow obstructions. Gently rinse off the outside of the unit with a garden hose, and make sure that the unit is level on its concrete slab.

Monitor the Condensate Line

Your air conditioner uses the condensate line to dispose of the moisture it collects from indoor air. If the line gets clogged, water can back up into your HVAC equipment and into your home. The condensate drain pipe terminates outside near the outdoor unit. If your air conditioner is running properly, there should be water dripping from that pipe.

These tasks can prevent most air conditioner breakdowns and AC repair calls. To learn more about the benefits of air conditioning maintenance, visit Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning online or call us at (847) 719-8442 in Lake Zurich, Illinois, for air conditioning maintenance.

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