A properly functioning air conditioning system creates a comfortable refuge from summer heat. Modern units can do this with high levels of energy efficiency. But even the latest and greatest AC can benefit from a bit of assistance from a homeowner. Regular air conditioning maintenance combined with a few tips and tricks to prevent unwanted sources of heat can help an air conditioning system cool a home more effectively, use less energy, and remain trouble-free for many years to come.

Blocking Sunlight

During warm months, around 76% of sunlight that hits a double-pane window will enter the home as heat. This creates unnecessary strain on an AC as the extra heat requires the unit to turn on more frequently and use more energy. Closing blinds or curtains during the daytime, especially the south and west sides of a home, can significantly reduce the work an AC must do to cool a home.

Change Filters Regularly

An easy bit of air conditioning maintenance that goes a long way toward helping a unit keep a house cool is changing HVAC filters. At a minimum, filters should be changed every three months in a typical, multi-occupant home. In a home with pets or an allergy sufferer, it’s a good idea to replace HVAC filters as frequently as once per month.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just as cars perform better with regular tune-ups, an AC unit will perform better with yearly cleaning. Condenser and evaporator coils are crucial elements of the system, and keeping them clean will ensure efficient cooling and long-term health of the unit. While spring maintenance can be a DIY project, many homeowners prefer the ease and thoroughness of a yearly check-up by an HVAC professional.

To find out more about how to keep an AC system working efficiently, check out Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning online or call 844-232-4554.

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