Older models have a pilot light that ignites your gas furnace. Sometimes you may notice the flame keeps going out. You can use the following tips to troubleshoot the pilot light in Kildeer, IL.

First Ensure Your Furnace Is On

Even a gas furnace needs electrical power to operate. Ensure your furnace is on and adjust thermostat settings where necessary.

Check the gas supply switch and ensure it is fully open. You can use other gas appliances to confirm if there’s a problem with the gas supply. Your furnace may not have sufficient fuel to keep the flame burning.

Your Furnace Has a Faulty Thermocouple

A thermocouple can detect the flame’s temperature to signal the furnace to release gas. If the temperature is not high enough, the system will stop the gas supply to the pilot light.

It is also possible the thermocouple cannot detect temperatures efficiently. In such cases, debris and dust are the most probable culprits. You can talk to Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning for a consultation.

Obstructions in the Intake Valve

Obstructions in the gas intake valve may cause the pilot light to burn inefficiently. Debris inside the valve prevents oxygen from getting to the pilot light, forcing the flame to blow out.

An annual tune-up will include cleaning components such as the intake valve to ensure the pilot is burning efficiently. The flame ought to have a distinctive blue color. If it is primarily yellow, consider consulting a repair professional for the safety of your home.

Problems With the Pilot Orifice

The tip of the pilot assembly may become corroded, blocking gas flow. The thermocouple or the pilot tubes may be out of place. When that happens, the flame may keep going out.

If you detect the odor of leaking gas, shut off the gas supply and open the windows. Wait for a professional to troubleshoot your system. Prompt action is critical for the safety of your household.

We recommend an annual tune-up to reduce the risk of a malfunctioning pilot light and other furnace problems. Call Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning for award-winning heating maintenance solutions in Kildeer.

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