If your air conditioner constantly turns itself on and off, it may be short cycling. Short-cycling can force the AC system to wear out before its lifespan, lead to costly repairs or affect your home’s comfort levels. Here are possible reasons why the air conditioner in your Barrington, IL home is short cycling.

Wiring and Electrical Issues

Electrical problems, such as corroded or loose electrical connections, cause AC short-cycling as the system loses power. It’s advisable to call the professionals to safely repair the electrical issues and stop the AC from short cycling. Wiring and electrical issues can also affect the AC’s efficiency, and you shouldn’t try to fix them.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Air conditioners can sometimes freeze when they operate. Freezing can happen because of a mechanical issue, low refrigerant, or a dirty filter. If shutting the system down and allowing it to thaw doesn’t help, it’s best to hire a qualified air conditioning repair expert to inspect it.

Oversized AC

An air conditioner too large for your home is likely to exceed the set temperature and cycle off and back on after cooling your home. The best solution is to install the right AC size for your home. Hire an experienced AC professional to help you determine the correct air conditioner size and provide an expert installation process.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters can limit airflow in an air conditioner, forcing hot air to build up and prevent cool air from getting in. the system consequently overheats, turning it off and short cycling. Ensure that you change or clean air filters regularly to prevent this.

You can prevent most short cycling problems with regular AC maintenance and prompt repairs. Our team of HVAC contractors has the training and expertise to inspect your air conditioner and fix the issues. Contact Martin Enterprises today to tackle your short cycling issues and help with professional air conditioning installation and maintenance.

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