According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), maintaining humidity levels between 30 to 50% is essential for comfort and energy efficiency. Most people focus on temperature and ignore humidity’s impact on air quality and utility bills. Here are the top reasons you should monitor your home’s humidity in Deer Park, IL.

To Enhance Indoor Comfort

High levels of humidity can make occupants irritable and uncomfortable. When humidity in Deer Park are over 74%, your body loses its capacity to regulate temperatures effectively. Moisture saturation in the air limits perspiration, making your skin feel sticky.

Humid air makes the room feel hotter than it is and makes it harder to fall asleep. Studies show high temperatures and moist air can affect deeper stages of sleep, which is crucial for your health and overall well-being.

To Preserve Your Furniture and Valuables

High humidity levels also increase moisture in your home through condensation. Condensing vapor encourages microbial growth, causing damage to your furnishings and valuables.

Unhealthy moisture levels may cause wooden items to warp. It can damage your drywall or insulation. Monitoring humidity allows you to work on a solution, such as acquiring a dehumidifier for your Deer Park home.

To Enhance Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

Your air conditioning system typically regulates moisture levels through the evaporator coils. But if there’s a spike in humidity, the AC will overwork to meet the cooling demands of the building. As a result, the system will consume more energy and increase your utility bills.

The efficiency of your HVAC system is essential for regulating temperatures and humidity. Our NATE-certified team recommends scheduling a professional inspection if you have a moisture problem in your home. Consult Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional AC maintenance in Deer Park.

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