Odors coming from your heat pump can quickly spread throughout your home, making it hard to complete your daily schedule. Fortunately, these smells tend to be relatively easy to notice and identify. Here are a few common heat pump odors and the causes behind them in Lincolnshire, IL.

Mustiness or Staleness

Stale air often makes a room feel stuffy and carries an odor of old socks. When this smell comes from your HVAC system, it often means there’s some kind of biologic particulate growth. These spores propagate near the moist evaporator coils before circulating in the home.

Sulfuric Odor

You may think that a rotten egg or sulfur smell means there’s a natural gas leak. However, in the case of your heat pump, it probably indicates that a small animal has died in the air ducts. To remove the smell and limit the spread of bacteria, call for HVAC maintenance as soon as possible to clear out the body.

Fish Smell

The smell of rotting fish can be so intense that it makes staying in the home impossible. When your heat pump starts overheating, it can melt its wiring and rubber coatings, which then causes a terrible odor. Ignoring this problem can lead to expensive mechanical issues and motor problems.

Burning Plastic

Electrical problems within your heat pump can make certain components malfunction and even start burning. Keep a watch out for sudden system shutdowns as well as electrical shorts. These issues can even increase your immediate risk of a house fire.

If your heat pump emits unpleasant or burning plastic smells, the system’s likely overheating and melting internal parts. A stale odor means there’s moisture growth while the smell of sulfur indicates the presence of a dead animal. Call us at Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning for all your residential and commercial HVAC services in Lincolnshire, IL.

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