Conventional air conditioners have one speed. They always run at full blast, so their operation costs are higher compared to systems that modulate according to actual cooling needs. A variable speed air handler and a two-stage compressor work in concert to improve energy efficiency. If you’re looking for AC installation quotes, here are a few reasons to consider an energy-efficient replacement.

Increasing Your Comfort with a Variable Speed Motor

Variable-speed motors control the flow of conditioned air. At Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend these systems to customers who want quieter cooling equipment, improved comfort, lower energy bills and enhanced control over indoor humidity. By slowing the air speed, the system can remove twice as much moisture, which is important in Lake Zurich and other parts of Illinois where the air is damp. You can even adjust the humidity from your thermostat.

Variable-speed air handlers enhance the performance of filtration equipment so that you can breathe cleaner air. Two-stage HVAC compressors require upgraded air handlers to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Both components modulate depending on the actual cooling requirements in your home.

Lowering Your Energy Bills with a Two-stage Compressor

Today, Carrier makes central air conditioners that feature single-stage, two-stage and variable-speed compressors. Dual-stage systems aren’t quite as efficient as variable-speed units, but they use much less energy compared to single-stage compressors. This option is ideal for Lake Zurich where cooling needs are moderate.

On mild summer days, two-stage compressors stay in the lower mode. Studies show that these systems run in the energy-saving mode 80 percent of the time, which saves you money. Because two-stage air conditioners run longer, they lessen uncomfortable temperature swings. There’s also evidence that this technology reduces mechanical wear and tear to extend your air conditioner’s life.

You can learn more about our AC installation services online or by calling Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning at (847) 719-8442. We offer personalized quotes and consultations to customers in Lake Zurich and surrounding areas.

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