Like many other Lake Zurich area homeowners, you may be wondering whether upgrading the furnace that is essentially the heart of your HVAC system could possibly be worth the cost of the new equipment. Perhaps you’ve been cautioned against spending money to save money. Yet, when it comes to aging HVAC equipment, there are some very good reasons to consider an upgrade.

More Efficient & Economical Heating

Increasing energy efficiency is one element of your indoor heating and cooling strategy that directly translates to lower energy costs, adding up to long-term savings that will gradually move you closer to the break-even point on your investment. With the latest advancements in modern heating technology providing greater efficiency with each new HVAC equipment design breakthrough, each year that you’ve owned your current equipment has put it that much farther behind the most up-to-date units in the area of efficiency. If you’ve owned your current furnace for more than 10-15 years, you should see a significant increase in efficiency with your new furnace installation. While older models’ efficiencies typically range from 56 percent to 70 percent, modern systems feature efficiencies as high as 98.5 percent. With our cold Illinois winters, this increased efficiency can potentially cut your heating bill in half.

Improved Comfort & Convenience

Hand-in-hand with higher energy efficiency come better and more consistent indoor comfort. Modern heating technology not only works more effectively because the equipment is newer, but it also offers innovative features that make it easier to keep your home comfortable. From better temperature control to smoother, quieter operation, your upgraded unit will provide greater overall executive control over your entire HVAC system, bringing you dependable warmth on demand, whenever and wherever you need it. Our top-quality furnace installation service features highly efficient modern systems that use the most up-to-date components available to help you keep every room in your home comfortable.

Learn more about our heating solutions and services or give us a call at (847) 719-8442.

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