Homeowners in Lake Zurich hope that their furnace will power through the harsh Illinois winter. Sometimes, even the best wishes don’t come true. If your furnace is blowing cold air or if the unit won’t start, here are a few simple things that you can check before scheduling a heating repair.

Setting the Thermostat

Before you try anything else, make sure that the heat mode and automatic fan settings are selected on your thermostat. Choose a set point that’s several degrees above the current temperature. You can also try replacing the thermostat battery, although many thermostats are hardwired and don’t use batteries. A power interruption may have triggered a lockout, so give the furnace a few minutes to reset. If you replaced the air filter recently, an unsecured access panel could have activated the automatic shutoff.

Checking the Pilot Light or Ignition

Most modern furnaces don’t have standing pilot lights. They use electronic ignition systems to save energy, so you probably won’t see a tiny blue flame inside the unit. If your heater won’t start, there could be a problem with the ignition controls, the thermocouple sensors or the main gas line. Check your manual for specific troubleshooting instructions. You may have to call your gas company or schedule a furnace repair.

Replacing the Filter

Clogged furnace filters are the most common cause of airflow problems and overheating. They restrict the amount of incoming and outgoing air, which makes your heater work harder and increases your energy costs. If your heater is running, but the output is weak, try replacing the filter. Make sure that the vents are free from obstructions so that the air can flow freely. For best results, replace the return filter monthly.

Scheduling Furnace Repairs

If you’re still having trouble with your furnace, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Malfunctioning heaters cost more to run and could create safety hazards. At Martin Enterprises Heating and Cooling, we offer convenient furnace repairs to customers in Lake Zurich and neighboring communities. Call 844-232-4554 to schedule a service call or to learn more.

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