There is nothing like the sun shining a spotlight on the dust-filled nooks and crannies of your home to inspire a deep spring cleaning. While you are wiping smudges from windows, shaking out throw rugs and scooping up leaves from gutters, make sure you give your heating and cooling system a little attention too.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that 65 percent of Illinois residents rely on central air conditioning units to cool their homes in the summer. Before the scorching heat and cloying humidity roll into Chicago, you’ll want to blow out the accumulated winter dust and uncover any leaks, rot, or frayed wires that may have developed during the heavy use of your furnace these past few months.

DIY HVAC Maintenance

There are several things that you can do around your home to keep your system pumping out cool air all summer long. Install a clean air filter, remove debris that has accumulated around the outdoor unit and vacuum any dust near the furnace. Inspect your house for gaps that are allowing the precious cool air to escape. The most likely places are around lighting fixtures, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and vents. An affordable tube of caulking or package of weather stripping usually resolves the problem.

Professional HVAC System Maintenance

While there are many tasks that you can perform by yourself, central air conditioners require a professional pre-season checkup. During our spring maintenance inspections, our NATE-certified technicians thoroughly inspect fans, compressors, condenser coils, condensate drains, electrical connections and ductwork. We also check refrigerant levels, test for undetected leaks, measure airflow and lubricate bearings.

Martin Enterprise’s personalized maintenance service even includes air filter replacement and thermostat testing to ensure that you are using the best settings to keep your home comfortable this summer at the most efficient price.

Contact Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning at our Lake Zurich, Illinois, office at (847) 719-8442 to schedule your annual spring cleaning maintenance service.

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