Originally published Jan. 27, 2020, updated Jan. 21, 2022.

Regular furnace maintenance can prevent up to 95 percent of repairs in your Lake Zurich, IL home. Although the majority of furnace repairs and problems are not serious, some can be costly and others possibly life-threatening. If you encounter any of the following scenarios, get help from an HVAC service technician pronto:

Tripped CO Alarm or Nasty Odors

If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, or if you suspect a gas leak, exit the house and call 911. A chemical called mercaptan can make natural gas smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. It’s added to gas to warn homeowners of a possible leak. Firefighters are trained to detect and neutralize carbon monoxide and gas leaks. Emergency responders can treat symptoms of exposure.

Furnace Makes Booming Noises

If you hear booming when the furnace turns on, have it checked out. Older heaters especially can make this noise if there’s a buildup of gas caused by a delay in the ignition. If you also smell a foul odor near your heater, go outside and call 911 for help.

Clicking Noises From Furnace

A clicking furnace may have a bad flame sensor or a malfunction between the gas and the ignition. A faulty valve might not be releasing gas, and that can cause the ignitor to click. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Call a professional at once.

Furnace Leaks

Puddles around your furnace are usually caused by a condensate leak. Condensation produced by a high-efficiency heater typically exits via a floor drain or condensate line that ends outside of your home. However, the pipes can clog over time. Water that continues to leak onto floors or inside walls can cause quite a bit of property damage.

At Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning, we want you to be safe. Call us at for emergency heating system repair 24/7.

We have been providing reliable HVAC repairs and maintenance services to Lake Zurich, Arlington Heights, and Barrington, IL for over 20 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we value courteous and personal connections with our customers, whether they have been receiving our services for one day or a decade.

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