Want cleaner air in your Barrington, IL home? UV lights may be helpful in preventing secondary allergies related to airborne allergens. Here are some of ways these ultraviolet light purifiers provide better quality indoor air and make your home healthier for friends and family.

What Is a UV Light, and How Does It Work?

The ultraviolet light makes use of low-frequency UV radiation to kill harmful bacteria by disrupting their multiplication. When used with air conditioning, it sterilizes evaporator coils with its drenching light, killing off bacteria, and air becomes purer.

How UV Lamps Work in Many Other Applications

UV light is in use in hospitals and clinics to kill germs and make the air safer for patients and staff. There are other uses for ultraviolet light for sterilization and disinfection. Some of these other ways that healthful UV light works include the following:

  • To disinfect water and make it safer for drinking
  • To destroy harmful microorganisms in food products
  • To destroy harmful bacteria in the air, such as in medical offices
  • To sterilize surfaces, making them free of germs

Why This HVAC Method Is a Smart Choice for Your Home Environment

Having a healthy home environment is essential to having a better life. Your home air quality may be healthier with the elimination of unhealthy indoor air pollutants. This type of light is generally safe for people; however, it destroys tiny particles of viruses, bacteria and germs.

Contact us at Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning for more information on our AC services as well as to get help with the air quality in your home. We’ll assist you in finding the right solution for better air purification in your home.

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