As temperatures begin to fall across the region, residents of Lake Zurich, Illinois, will be paying closer attention to their furnaces this fall. Most heating systems give plenty of advance warning that they may be nearing the end of their useful life. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider upgrading your current heater to a new high-efficiency furnace before winter arrives this year.

Avoiding High Utility Bills

According to the experts at the U.S. Department of Energy, upgrading to a newer and more energy-efficient furnace can save you and your family money now and for many years to come. Newer furnaces could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in a single year over the energy costs associated with older, less-efficient models. If your heating bills have been steadily climbing, it might be time to consider a new system for your home or business.

Eliminating Frequent Repairs

Regular maintenance visits can help to extend the longevity of your current heating and cooling system. If you experience frequent breakdowns and mechanical failures that add up to a significant financial investment, however, it may be time to consider a new furnace installation to help you manage these unexpected costs and to provide you with added peace of mind throughout the winter months.

Exploring Advanced Options

The choices available in the HVAC marketplace have expanded considerably in recent years. Oil and gas furnaces continue to be the most popular types of heaters in our area and offer convenience and comfort at an affordable price. Hot-water systems use radiators or radiant floor installations to ensure the most comfortable temperatures indoors. Finally, hybrid systems typically combine the energy efficiency of an electric heater with the reliable warming power of propane to help you stay warm all winter long.

If you are planning to upgrade your furnace in the near future, Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning can help with the most advanced furnace installation and repair services in the Lake Zurich area. Our NATE-certified technicians can inspect your furnace and provide you with an accurate assessment of its condition, allowing you to make the most cost-effective choice for yourself and your family. Call us today at (847) 719-8442 to schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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