The best way to keep the heat on this winter and prevent expensive furnace repairs is with a well-maintained furnace.

Maintain Your Furnace for Efficiency

Rust buildup in furnaces can lead to equipment failure when left unattended. Carbon dioxide and water vapor are natural byproducts of burning natural gas or propane. Together, they create rust flakes. Your HVAC technician cleans rust from burners and the bottom of your furnace. Allowing rust to accumulate on burners causes inefficient heating and eventually, the need for burners to be replaced. Staying ahead of rust buildup is the best way to extend the life of your burners and keep heating costs down.

Cleaning the blower is another important maintenance item for forced air heating equipment. This includes pulling the fan out and carefully cleaning each blade to remove dust and debris. The technician will make sure that the fan motor is operating properly as well. Older units may have oil ports that should be inspected and replenished if needed.

Safety First

Gas burning furnaces can be hazardous when proper maintenance is not performed. Inspecting the entire unit for wear and tear is an HVAC technician’s highest priority. Leaking natural gas or propane is an obvious hazard and because both have a distinct odor, usually detectable. But carbon monoxide leaks have no odor and can lead to serious flu-like symptoms or even death.

An older furnace that has not been properly maintained produces more carbon monoxide. Consider adding a fresh air intake and make sure that your heating system is free of clutter that reduces the fresh air around it.

The right time to schedule furnace maintenance in the Lake Zurich, IL area is late summer to early fall, before nighttime temperatures plummet. Learn more about energy efficiency, furnace safety, and the latest HVAC technology visit Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning or call (847) 719-8442 to schedule furnace maintenance.

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