With average lows in the mid-20s and highs below 40 degrees, winter weather brings an assortment of indoor air quality challenges to Lake Zurich. Local homes are tightly sealed to keep the cold air out, which means that pollutants build up faster than normal. Plus, furnaces that run day and night wring every bit of moisture out of the air. If you’re concerned about allergens, airway irritation or indoor air pollutants, we can suggest products for addressing each concern.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Wintertime humidity levels can plunge into the single digits. Dry skin and airway irritation are two of the most noticeable warning signs, but moisture levels also affect your temperature perception. Whole-house humidifiers release up to 18 gallons of steam or water vapor daily to keep the relative humidity in the comfort zone. This makes your home feel warmer, which can save you energy and money.

Air Purifiers

Dust, allergens and germs continually circulate through your home. Fortunately, air cleaners can remove more than 90 percent of visible and microscopic pollutants. Electrostatic air purifiers go a step further by deactivating germs that cause strep throat and the flu. These systems reduce asthma and allergy symptoms and keep the air cleaner even when the windows and doors are tightly sealed.

Heat-Recovery Ventilators

Designed for cold climates, heat-recovery ventilators perform two jobs in one. These mechanical systems exhaust pollutant-laden indoor air and draw in fresh outdoor air. At the same time, they use a heat exchanger to capture 84 percent of outgoing energy, which is used to reheat the incoming air. Ventilators reduce carbon dioxide and control chemical pollutants that air purifiers can’t remove.

If you’re interested in improving your home’s indoor air quality, you can find more information about our selection of services and Carrier products online or by calling Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning at 844-232-4554. Our professionals can recommend solutions for balancing the humidity, removing allergens and addressing your specific concerns.

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