In order for your home to stay nice and warm throughout the cold winter in Arlington Heights, IL, you need to schedule heating system maintenance in the fall. A tune-up helps prepare the heating system by cleaning and checking all areas and catching any repair needs.

Prevent the Need for Heating System Repairs

You’ll greatly reduce the need for repairs when you schedule maintenance for your heating system every fall. The winters are cold and harsh, with the average low ranging between 17 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Your heater works hard to keep you warm, which means natural wear and tear on the components.

During a heater tune-up, our technicians will inspect the system for worn parts and other early signs of damage. Making any minor repairs now could very well prevent expensive repairs later.

Maintain Efficient Operation

A well-maintained heater won’t drive up your energy bills. It stays near its designated energy efficiency rating even during the coldest months.

Dust buildup and wear and tear that occur over a season of operation contributes to inefficiency the next year. You need to schedule heating maintenance preferably in the fall to keep it running efficiently. We’ll clean, inspect and calibrate the heating system so that it adequately warms your home without high energy bills.

Ensure Safety

Heating system tune-ups are also important for your household’s safety. Poorly maintained systems cause poor indoor air quality and if they are gas or oil fuel-burning, they will be checked for carbon monoxide leaks.

During a tune-up we’ll also check the electrical connections and other safety-related issues to ensure another season of safe operation.

A well-maintained heater keeps you warm throughout the harsh winters. Call Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for heating maintenance.

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