As deeply as many of us love our pets, we also know that they can sometimes be rather difficult to look after. In addition to all of the other challenges they present, pets can cause the indoor air quality in your Lake Zurich, IL residence to be compromised. Luckily, there are things you can do to mitigate this problem.

Pets and IAQ

Unfortunately, there is only one reliable answer to the question of how pets affect indoor air quality: in general, badly. Many house pets will shed hair and dander as they move about the house, and this detritus will often get into the air.

In addition to sullying the air, these things may find their way into your HVAC system’s filters and hinder the unit’s functioning. Luckily, regular HVAC maintenance can prevent this from growing to unmanageable levels.

IAQ and Your Health

The resulting dip in the IAQ that so frequently follows from giving your pets free rein around your home is no laughing matter. If air quality drops enough, it will make it harder for you to breathe and may even generate respiratory ailments in the long run. Furthermore, pets that come in from outdoors can unwittingly bring disease-causing agents with them.

What Can You Do?

Thankfully, your pets need not create IAQ issues for you at home, even if you have a preexisting respiratory condition. If your pets are prone to shedding, clean and vacuum your home as thoroughly as possible to minimize the presence of pet-borne contaminants. Considering the deleterious effects of low IAQ on sleep quality, you may also want to consider keeping your pets out of your bedroom.

Beyond these precautions, you should also invest in some more specialized home IAQ equipment. These include air cleaners, purifiers and humidifiers, which either directly remove pollutants from the air or make them less likely to linger in it.

Pets can make maintaining high IAQ difficult but far from impossible. For help, call Martin Enterprises today and take advantage of our indoor air quality services in Lake Zurich, IL.

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