The leaves are slowly starting to change colors and the cooler air is making its way into Lake Zurich, Illinois. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a day out at the park, snap a few a pictures and soak up the sun before it gets too brisk outside.

Although autumn’s cooler temperatures are a relief from the hot ones of the summer, they’re also a sign that winter is just around the corner. To ensure you stay cozy when it’s freezing outside, complete this fall tune-up checklist.

Change Your Air Filter to Improve System Efficiency

If you’ve been proactive in helping your HVAC system work smarter and not harder throughout the summer, you’ve been changing its air filter once a month. As we move into the cooler – and eventually colder – months of the year, this habit shouldn’t change.

According to Energy Star, a dirty air filter will slow down the flow of air and make your HVAC system work harder to keep you cool or warm. This results in wasted energy – and money. In addition to helping your HVAC system work more efficiently, a clean air filter will prevent indoor pollutants from accumulating and, as a result, increasing the risks to your respiratory health.

Clean Your Vents and Your Ducts to Improve Air Quality & Efficiency

Dirty vents and air ducts are as much a concern as a dirty air filter, causing your system to work harder than it has to and eventually leading to poor indoor air quality. To clean the vents and air ducts, simply use a vacuum and try to pick up as much dust, food scraps, pet hair, etc. that you can find and see. Getting your vents and ducts cleaned also can substantially improve your energy efficiency.

Contact an HVAC Professional for a Fall Tune-Up on Your Furnace

Obviously the best course of action to completing a comprehensive fall tune-up and preparing your furnace for the winter is to contact an HVAC professional. He or she will complete a thorough heating consultation to ensure your home is ready for the cold Illinois winter.

For more information about maintaining your HVAC system, check out our maintenance page or contact us at (847) 719-8442 to schedule an appointment.

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