Time for an air conditioner replacement? A wise shopper will be sure to upgrade to the most efficient equipment that fits the budget. One efficient upgrade that will pay you back in terms of energy savings and comfort is a variable-speed air handler.

The air handler on an air conditioner has an important job, drawing in the return air for conditioning and then distributing it to the ductwork once it’s chilled. Standard air handlers have one speed — on. They run at full blast, and cycle on and off to achieve the set temperature.

A variable-speed air handler, by contrast, generally runs at a lower speed and runs more or less continuously so temperatures don’t vary much. But what are the benefits of a variable-speed air handler?

More Efficiency

Running at a lower speed for longer periods means that the variable-speed unit can do its job with more energy efficiency and without so many starts and stops. Frequent cycling not only uses more energy, but it also causes greater wear on parts.

Quiet Operation

When the air handler doesn’t have to cycle on and off so much, less noise is generated. The air handler also operates much more quietly at a lower speed.

Improved Air Quality

The longer the air handler stays on, the more airborne particulates are trapped in the air filter, and the more efficiently the air conditioner can remove humidity from the conditioned air.

Greater Comfort

Variable-speed air handlers offer less temperature variation between cycles. With a standard speed air handler, it may seem like a long time between cycles and that the home’s occupants start to feel warm before the A/C comes back on. With variable speed, the air handler stays on longer, maintaining a more consistent temperature.

Learn more about the benefits of a variable-speed air handler, as well as Martin Enterprise’s air conditioner solutions, or contact us at (847) 719-8442.

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