A well-functioning HVAC system promotes a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within your commercial space. HVAC issues hinder indoor comfort during the cold winter, and problems can increase your energy bills too. Below are some notable commercial HVAC issues that you shouldn’t ignore in Long Grove, IL.

Clogged Filters

The air filters of your HVAC system essentially remove pollutants and allergens within the indoor air. Excessive buildup of debris, dirt and dander gradually blocks these air filters.

Clogged filters restrain airflow, leading to poor indoor air quality. Subsequently, your customers and staff are highly likely to contract respiratory illnesses. Routine maintenance and air filter replacement help ensure healthy indoor air throughout your commercial space.

Unfamiliar Noises

Strange noises from the heating system call for professional repair. Rattling, booming and popping noises typically occur due to loose HVAC components. Delayed ignition may cause the furnace to produce a booming sound while starting.

If left unrepaired, these issues gradually lead to an HVAC breakdown. You’ll want a professional inspection to determine the exact reason behind odd HVAC system sounds.

Temperature Inconsistencies

Inconsistent heating is among the most common commercial HVAC problems. Hot and cold spots affect the overall comfort of your customers and staff.

If you’re struggling with temperature fluctuations, inspect the ductwork for any leaks or cracks. It will help if you contact an expert to ensure proper alignment of the HVAC ductwork and dampers.

Water Leaks

Water leaks within an HVAC unit require immediate repair. Usually, water leaks arise from cracked or blocked drain lines.

Leaks also indicate underlying problems in the heat exchanger or collector box. Regular inspection and maintenance will ensure that the drain lines are free from recurrent leaks.

System Capacity Issues

Wrong sizing affects the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system. HVAC units that are too small have to strain hard to warm a space, reducing the heating efficiency. Large systems, on the other hand, lead to high utility bills.

Proper HVAC sizing will ensure efficient heating throughout your commercial building. It’s best if you work with an expert to identify the most appropriate HVAC size.

Contact Martin Enterprises for impeccable commercial HVAC installation and repair. We provide excellent services to ensure that your commercial HVAC system remains in great shape.

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