There was a time when raising the household temperature meant tramping downstairs to the basement to shovel coal into a furnace. Offering automatic on/off operation, thermostats changed the budding HVAC industry. Programmable thermostats further advanced the technology, allowing you to pre-set temperatures according to your family’s schedule. Today, your choices for thermostats include devices that handle everything for you, intelligently adapting to your comfort needs. Which is right for you?

Regular Thermostats

Manual thermostats switch your HVAC systems on or off according to the temperature setting you choose. It’s up to you to raise or lower the setpoint to maintain your indoor comfort. Altering the setting before you leave home offers opportunities for savings. In the summer, raising the setpoint 10 degrees while you’re away can cut cooling costs by 10 percent. You can use the same strategy to save on winter heating costs.

Programmable Thermostats

With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule household temperatures in advance for every day of the week. This lets you avoid the discomfort of waking up or coming home to an overheated or bone-chilling environment. Like a regular thermostat, you can always adjust the temperature by hand whenever you like. Featuring clear displays and user-friendly functions, Carrier thermostats make it easy to fine-tune your comfort and optimize energy savings.

Smart Thermostats

Equipped with microprocessors that execute advanced algorithms, smart thermostats control HVAC operation based on your behavior. They learn to alter temperatures while you’re away and adjust them in time for your arrival home. Smart thermostats also connect to the internet, so you can access them remotely with your smartphone or tablet. Cutting-edge models like Carrier’s Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat come with extras like detailed energy reports, savings tips and 4-day weather forecasts.

At Martin Enterprises Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re all about personalized comfort. We offer every type of thermostat to ensure you find the one that’s just right for you. To learn more about customizing your comfort in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, explore our HVAC Services or call (847) 719-8442 today.

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