Believe it or not, the indoor air quality inside your home can be more dangerous for your health than the air outside of it. Even in Lake Zurich, Illinois, which is just more than 40 miles northwest of Chicago’s city center. Luckily, you can control your indoor air quality. Here are seven tips to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Avoid Using Chemical Pollutants To Improve IAQ

The first thing you should do to take control of your indoor air environment is to minimize the amount of chemicals you use in it. Tobacco smoke and harsh cleaners are the biggest culprits, as both contain thousands of harmful indoor air pollutants. Choose products that have been certified by GREENGUARD or Green Seal.

Control Moisture Levels

The more moisture inside your home, the worse it is for IAQ. To combat high humidity levels, use a dehumidifier and keep the level below 60 percent. Fix leaks and water damage immediately before the possibility of mold growth, which can cause respiratory problems. When showering, run your bathroom’s exhaust fan.

Practice Clean Habits

Staying clean keeps your IAQ in the green. Some simple habits can make your house just a tad bit cleaner and make all the difference. For instance, remove your shoes at the door to help minimize the amount of dust and dirt you track inside. Also, use a high efficiency particulate air vacuum cleaner for particle removal.

Use Proper Ventilation

If the temperature outside isn’t too hot or too cold, open the windows and doors and let the fresh air inside. Ensure that all of your fuel burning items like the furnace, any heaters, fireplaces, range tops, exhaust fans and other appliances vent to the outside away from the windows and doors. Change your filters often, or at least once a month.

Take Advantage of Technology

From dehumidifiers and carbon monoxide alarms to air purification systems and UV lights, there are all kinds of new technologies that you can use in your home to ensure your IAQ levels remain at an optimal level. Talk with an HVAC expert to see which product is best for your home and current need.

Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Check

To make sure your home is in good shape, schedule an IAQ check with a reputable HVAC contractor. He or she will run a series of tests to determine your IAQ levels and recommend a plan of action to improve any weak areas where your home is vulnerable.

Stay Proactive Against Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution doesn’t stop trying to enter your home and make it a safe haven, and you can’t stop trying to keep it out. The best way to combat poor IAQ is to remain proactive in your approach; it could save your health.

For more information about IAQ and helpful products like an air purification system or UV lights, check out our IAQ service page or contact us at (847) 719-8442.

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