Many problems can arise with your aging furnace in Barrington, IL, but one of the most common is a faulty blower motor. Because it is part of a mechanical system, it won’t last forever. Look for the following signs indicating the furnace blower motor may need repair or replacement.

1. Unusually Loud Noises

Loud banging, screeching or squealing noises indicate your blower has a significant problem and may soon need a repair. Usually, the bearings or a belt causes these noises, but another part could cause this problem. Sometimes, lubrication can quiet these noises, but the best course of action is to make a furnace repair appointment.

2. Weak or No Airflow

The most obvious sign of a bad blower motor is little or no airflow coming through your vents. Blower motors nearing the end of their usable life spin slower than normal, leading to inefficient air circulation. Accumulated debris, leaky air ducts or a bad capacitor may also cause the problem, so you should schedule a maintenance inspection to find the problem.

3. Burning Smell From Overheating

When the blower motor draws too many amps, its wiring can start burning. Dirty air filters, broken components and age can cause this problem. Overheated blower motors cause many furnaces to shut down entirely or turn on and off frequently to cool the motor.

4. Increasing Energy Bills

Improperly working blower motors will overwork and frequently shut down, resulting in short cycling, which places even more stress on the system. You could see your electricity or fuel bill rise. Various problems can cause rising energy costs, so it’s best to have our professionals check your furnace.

You can rely on us to deliver thorough services for your heating system. Whether you currently have furnace issues or want a thorough maintenance inspection, call Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning.

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