Keeping your home cool in the summer is tricky enough without myths about how home cooling works floating around to throw you off. Getting to the bottom of these claims will help you keep your Lake Zurich, IL home more comfortable through the end of summer. Here are four common home cooling myths and the truths behind them.

Turn Off the A/C When You’re Not Home

It makes sense to turn the air conditioner off when you’re not there, right? The problem is that cooling your home when you get back will expend more energy than simply turning the temperature setting up before you leave. Instead of turning your system off, just set the temperature up between five and 10 degrees.

Fans Can Cool Your Home

Running a fan is less expensive than using an air conditioner, so it’s understandable for you to want to cool off your home with a cheaper method. However, fans don’t actually cool the air. Instead, ceiling fans circulate air to draw warm air up while forcing cool air down for a more comfortable atmosphere. The air movement will have a ‘feels cooler’ effect without actually lowering the ambient temperature in your home.

Setting the Thermostat Lower Will Cool Your Home Faster

If you want your home to be cooled to 75 degrees, you may think that setting the thermostat to 65 degrees will get your home to the desired temperature faster. However, the truth is that your home will cool off at the same rate no matter what.

Closing Vents Will Boost Efficiency

The problem with this myth is that air will still be forced through the ducts, and the strain caused when air is trying to force its way through closed vents can actually damage the HVAC system.

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