The winter weather of Lake Zurich, IL, can put your furnace through some rough use while it works to keep your family warm. If you pay attention, the noises from your furnace can warn you of a coming failure or repair, and give you time to act. Here are some tips to let you know what your furnace is trying to tell you when it makes strange noises.

Clicking Sounds

If you notice that your furnace is making a clicking sound while it’s running, shut it down right away. This is a sign that your heat exchanger has cracks. A cracked heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home, creating an extremely dangerous situation.

Loud Ignition

The whoosh of burners igniting is not an unfamiliar sound, but it can be dangerous if the noise gets louder than normal. This is a sign that too much gas is getting into the system before it ignites. This could possibly result in a furnace explosion if you don’t call for service.

Banging or Squealing

You should never hear banging or squealing coming from your furnace. If you do, it’s certain that your blower motor and fan are beginning to fail. Get them replaced before they fail completely and leave you out in the cold.

Humming Sound

Your furnace should sound the same whether you are on the second floor or standing 3 feet away from the furnace unit. If you are a couple of steps away from your furnace and able to hear a humming sound, trouble is on thee way. The hum is from a failing transformer that could take your system down if you don’t replace it.

Call the professionals at Martin Enterprises for all your heating needs in the Lake Zurich, IL, area. We will give you prompt and courteous service and can maintain your HVAC system for you year-round.

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