Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are complex, and when one component isn’t working properly, it can throw the whole system off balance. Here are a few signs that indicate your Long Grove, IL, office has HVAC problems.

1. Musty Smell

The HVAC system is responsible for circulating air throughout the building and for keeping the air fresh, cool, clean and dry. When the HVAC system is not working properly, the air can become stale and humid, which can lead to biological growth. If you notice a musty smell in your office, it’s important to contact a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your system and make sure it’s operating properly.

2. Constant Noise

Is your office always noisy, when the HVAC system is running? One of the most common causes of this problem is a loose connection between the ductwork and the ventilation system. Over time, these connections can become loose, allowing air to escape and eventually creating a “rumbling” sound.

Another possible cause of noise in your office is a buildup of dirt and dust in the ductwork. This buildup can create a “clanking” sound as the air moves through the ducts. If you suspect your office is constantly noisy, it’s important to have one of our professionals assess the situation and make recommendations for repairs or replacement.

3. Increased Power Bills

Inefficient HVAC can cause energy costs to skyrocket, so it’s important to have your system regularly serviced by a qualified technician. Some common issues that can lead to higher power bills include dirty air filters, leaks in the ductwork, inefficient motors and poorly insulated ducts.

If you’re looking for professional air conditioning services in Long Grove, IL, contact Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer great services, and our technicians are always ready to serve you.

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