Every component in your AC plays a role in safeguarding its efficiency. When a component is failing, your system in Kildeer, IL has a way of communicating that to you. Below are some tell-tale signs that your system’s blower motor is faulty.

1. Restricted Airflow

If the air coming through your vents is weak, or there’s no air, it’s clear that your blower motor is failing. Weak airflow points to a worn-out or damaged AC blower. Whatever the case, you should reach out to our technicians to check if your motor is in the right condition.

If not, they might recommend installing a new one. Keep in mind that restricted airflow might be a product of dirt/clogged filters. Therefore, before reaching out to an expert, first check and consider replacing/cleaning your filters to see if you can address the problem.

2. Increased Energy Bills

As mentioned earlier, a faulty blower motor restricts airflow, causing your system to work harder. Furthermore, your AC will take longer to achieve the set temperatures, resulting in more energy consumption.

It’s important to mention that an increase in energy consumption might also occur due to another AC component being defective. Therefore, contact a repair expert for proper diagnostics and repairs. If your blower damage is beyond repair, we recommend replacing it with a smart variable-speed model that works effectively to reduce your monthly electricity bills.

3. Strange Sounds

By now, you’re already accustomed to the normal sound coming from your system. Loud and new sounds from your AC point to a problem. And in the case of your blower motor, you might notice rattling, banging, or clanking noise. We recommend turning off your AC and reaching out to a professional.

Sometimes, a part might be loose or damaged and in need of repair. When ignored, problems that the repair expert might resolve simply, become more extensive, necessitating expensive replacements. Contact us at Martin Enterprises Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule AC repairs and replacements in and around Kildeer, IL.

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