Adding new living space to your existing home makes sense for many reasons. You most likely need the extra space, plus you’ll boost home value. Whether you’re adding another bedroom, family room or using the new space for other purposes, you’re going to need a good solution for cooling your new home addition in the Lake Zurich area.

Home Preparation

Air conditioner efficiency may be one point you’re considering while weighing your cooling options. To prepare your home for a cooling upgrade, you may want to ask yourself the following questions before you plunk down money on new HVAC equipment:

  • Is your home’s thermal envelope tight and amply insulated?
  • Do you know the capacity of your air conditioner?
  • Do you know the cooling load of your home?

These are important questions and elements of home efficiency and comfort that should impact your choices for cooling your new home addition. Work closely with your HVAC contractor to properly prepare your home.

Extend Your Current System

Simply extending air ducts into the new addition is a practical cooling solution. However, you’ll need to know the cooling and heating load of your home, including the new addition. If the capacity of your air conditioner measures up, extending ducts is a viable option.

Upgrade the Air Conditioner

Older air conditioners can’t match the efficiency of today’s advanced systems. If your air conditioner and heating system is about 10 years old or more, you may want to consider replacing it with a model that can cool your home and the new addition. You’ll enjoy better comfort and energy savings for years to come.

Go Ductless

Ductless systems are low-profile cooling and heating systems that deliver efficient point-of-use air conditioning. Installing a ductless system works for many applications and could be a leading cooling solution if your current air conditioner is in fine shape.

For more tips on cooling and heating your new home addition, check out Martin Enterprises’ air conditioner services, or call us at (847) 719-8442 for immediate service!

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