The air conditioner in your Kildeer, IL, home helps control your indoor temperature and air quality. If your AC starts producing an unusual odor, what could it mean?

1. Burning Smell From AC

HVAC systems run on electricity and, as such, are susceptible to overheating. Whenever your HVAC smells like it is overheating or electrical wires may be burning, trust your senses and immediately turn it off. Call a trusted AC professional to diagnose if the problem is with the electrical components such as wires, fans or circuit boards.

A dirty air filter or dusty unit will experience airflow restriction, hence overworking itself. With such conditions, your HVAC system will overheat and produce a burning smell. In such cases, the problem is temporary, and you’ll need routine HVAC maintenance to resolve the issue.

2. Rotten Smell

Your HVAC system can be the perfect hideout for rodents, critters, birds or insects. Some may get stuck in the equipment and end up dying. The dead animals will decompose over time and emit an awful smell.

Your heating and cooling system will then push this smell into your home. HVAC professionals can regularly clean and inspect your ducts to help avoid creating a habitat for pests.

3. Musty or Damp Smell

HVAC systems tend to create condensation inside the unit. In the case of drainage problems in your HVAC, the moisture could leak into the ducts or overflow the drain pan, causing damp conditions.

Dampness encourages the buildup of biological growth that will emit a musty or stale smell. While this smell isn’t as prevalent, it may decrease your indoor air quality or lead to health complications.

A smelly AC system is a sign that you need to hire some maintenance services to determine the possible cause. Contact Martin Enterprises to help with your air conditioner maintenance, repairs and replacements.

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