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3 Options for Cooling Your New Home Addition

Adding new living space to your existing home makes sense for many reasons. You most likely need the extra space, plus you’ll boost home value. Whether you’re adding another bedroom, family room or using the new space for other purposes, you’re going to need a good solution for cooling your new home addition in the Lake…


7 Tips to Keep Your IAQ Fresh

Believe it or not, the indoor air quality inside your home can be more dangerous for your health than the air outside of it. Even in Lake Zurich, Illinois, which is just more than 40 miles northwest of Chicago’s city center. Luckily, you can control your indoor air quality. Here are seven tips to improve…


New Furnaces Offer a Host of Improvements

Furnaces have long been one of the most popular choices for home heating in the Lake Zurich area, and thanks to recent advancements in technology, the latest models are more appealing than ever. In anticipation of new government regulations for energy efficiency, furnace manufacturers have introduced a broad range of features that not only save…