Heating and Furnace Repair in Lake Zurich, IL

Heating and Furnace Repair

We at Martin Enterprises are proud to offer exceptional heating and furnace repair, maintenance and replacement installation services in Lake Zurich and Arlington Heights IL.  Learn more about our heating and furnace services below:

Heating and Furnace Maintenance

Heating systems live longer and healthier with regular maintenance. Just like our bodies need nutrition, physical activity, and regular checkups, our heating systems need the same care. Performing regular maintenance can double the life of your heating system and cut the cost of your monthly utility bill in half. We can answer any questions you may have about your heating system and furnace maintenance services we offer. Call today to speak with one of our experts.

Heating and Furnace Repairs

It is only natural for any heating system to need repairs over time. If you find your heating system is omitting odd smells, is blowing cool air, or simply is not working, you may be in need of repairs. Our technicians have the experience and know how to handle any and all furnace repairs your system may need. We also offer free assessment to ensure your system is indeed repairable before any time or money is wasted on unnecessary efforts. If you are in need of repairs or are unsure of what is wrong with your heating system, give us a call today. One of our experts would be glad to answer any HVAC questions you may have.

Heating and Furnace Replacement

Is your heating system past the point of no return? We offer top of the line heating products through Carrier and have the skills and experience to make sure your installation experience is fast, easy, and reliable.

We offer a variety of replacement and installation options including:

  • Gas furnace replacements
  • Oil furnace replacements
  • Hybrid heating system installations
  • Energy Star heating systems
  • Heating systems that qualify for the Federal Tax Credit
  • High efficiency heating systems
  • Gas heater replacements
  • Oil heater replacements
  • Heat pump replacements
  • Gas boiler replacements
  • Oil boiler replacements


Call today to speak with one of our heating and furnace repair specialists about the services and systems we offer

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